Christian Counseling

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”
-C.S. Lewis

Are you looking for someone who shares the same belief system as you?

Have you had difficulty connecting with other counselors because they didn’t understand your faith?

Or perhaps you have been hurt by the church, church leaders or ministry and want to work through this pain with a fellow believer.

I understand the importance of Christian Counseling

Although I don’t exclusively provide counseling to Christians, nor am I trained or qualified to provide biblical/pastoral counseling, I am able to incorporate your Christian beliefs, strengths, and concerns into your treatment. I’m also prepared to do this for ANY religious background and welcome people of ALL faiths and cultures into my office!

Christians sometimes have some unique struggles along their journey in faith. At times these conflicts can involve; sin, forgiveness, following God’s law, or coping with trauma. Our faith can sometimes lead us to struggle in our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behavior. It can be helpful and reassuring to explore these concerns with a professional who shares your faith and is also qualified to provide effective counseling.

Churches can be a source of guidance, support and community for many. Unfortunately, for some, the church’s guidance may have been less than supportive, leaving you hurt and confused. This is rare, but does happen. If you have been hurt by your church, a fellow believer, a ministry or religious organization, it is important to address this hurt and heal from it. I can help you move forward from this and work with you to mend your relationship with God and the pain that has been afflicting you.

We won’t just “talk” about your problems; we’ll overcome them together.

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