EMDR Consultation

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”
-Brian Herbert

Want to become Certified in EMDR Therapy?

There are many reasons why an EMDR therapist seeks consultation…

  • To complete the 10 hours of required consultation by EMDRIA (in addition to the Basic Training), to be considered fully trained in EMDR therapy.
  • To increase knowledge, build skills and boost confidence as an EMDR therapist.
  • EMDR Certified status is a clear communication to potential clients and other professionals that you have officially met the requirements of the EMDR governing body, EMDRIA.
  • EMDR certified status elevates you in the eyes of EMDR therapists but more importantly in the eyes of your clients. Peers and clients trust you because you have put in the effort to become a certified.
  • In order to pursue and obtain EMDRIA certification status.
  • In order to pursue and obtain EMDRIA Approved Consultant status and help other therapists become certified and trained in EMDR therapy.

The EMDRIA requirements for EMDR Certification include:

  • Must hold a license to practice independently
  • Must attend an EMDRIA approved EMDR Basic Training
  • Must conduct a minimum of 50 sessions of EMDR with 25 different clients
  • Must receive 20 hours of Consultation with an Approved Consultant/Consultant-in-Training
  • Must receive 12 hours of Continuing Education in EMDR
  • Must provide two letters of recommendation of your EMDR work

Group EMDR Consultation:
I offer small group consultation sessions toward certification in EMDR. Generally, a group of colleagues or peers wanting to advance in their EMDR skills will decide to form a consultation group (no more than 4 people) to meet monthly for consultation hours toward certification.

Individual EMDR Consultation:
My schedule is more limited for individual consultation, and is only available within the certification package alongside group consultation.

Consultation is not supervision. Supervision implies that the “supervisor” has responsibility for the client’s outcome in treatment. The supervisor carries a legal, ethical, and clinical responsibility for the supervisee. In contrast, consultation is a collaborative relationship between two colleagues. The Consultee maintains primary responsibility for treatment decisions for his or her client. The Consultant only offers information, suggestions regarding the treatment of EMDR therapy and never makes demands of the Consultee beyond the Consultant’s area.
***Certification is a year-long (minimum) process, requiring 20 hours of EMDR Consultation with an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and/or EMDRIA Consultant in Training. Please go to www.emdria.org to find out more about the process of advancing your EMDR Therapy skills!

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